Silver Water Gel

Silver Water GelSilver Water was manufactured as a skin protector for burn patients but it would not stay on burn wounds long enough so Silver Water Gel was developed. This all natural product is a combination of plant gelatin and Silver Water. It works very well for diminishing skin wrinkles, which suggests it is helping to revive damaged collagen. It also works very well for some types of diabetic skin infection, rashes, insect bites, animal scratches, scrapes, burns, cuts, baby’s diaper rash; use as a makeup base, face skin cream, underarms, aftershave gel, natural and a safe lubricant, great for yeast problem. External Use Only. Directions for use: Apply liberally as often as needed.

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Silver Water Gel: Holding Silver Water in Place

Silver Water Gel is Silver Water in a form that holds the Silver Water in place. It is used extensively for cuts, bruises, abrasions and burns and is excellent for preventing infections in cat bites and scratches. All burn creams adequately preserve wounds and burns 75%. Silver Water Gel adequately kept pseudomnas and mold under control for 28 days in an independent laboratory. The testing was stopped because after this period of the time the animal would be healed. Our concern is preparedness against anthrax and other possible biological agents. Studies have been done in the past two years on colloidal silver against anthrax.

INGREDIENTS: Colloidal silver 3ppm, Glycerin-PH-adjusted, Carbonmer (vegetable).