OC-M Herbal Chelator


Shake bottle before using. Suggested dose is 2ml in 2 oz. of water once daily, preferably with food. Drink and use externally. It is wonderful for circulation problems, head and brain; rub around eyes, ears, neck, over clogged arteries, pain areas, joints, muscles, as it can relieve pain. You often feel its effect right away. But, it can take weeks, months, or longer, depending upon the severity of metal and nickel accumulation. Use regularly, internally and externally, until circulation improves and afflictions and deficiencies begin to diminish or are gone.

Stoneroot: will start to dissolving the hardened material in the arteries
Chickweed: will start softening the hardened artery walls
Flax: will help coat cholesterol floating in the bloodstream keeping it from sticking to the artery walls
Ginkgo: will restore blood supply to the brain and help remove heavy metals
Gotu Kola: will help correct memory problems
Holy Basil: adds organic copper that is needed for iron absorption

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How To Shrink an Enlarged Prostate, Eliminate Prostate Problems and Maintain a Healthy Prostate!

The need to urinate again and again suggests pressure on the uretha from an enlarged prostate. We get nervous when diagnosed with an enlarged prostate or an above normal PSA, and hope it is not malignant. Some men look for alternatives to drugs or surgery to reduce an enlarged prostate. Many natural products are suggested that typically use pygeum africanum, saw palmetto, nettles, panzx ginseng, zinc, pumpkin seed oil, amino acids and cranberry extract which may help to have a reducing effect and not what actually causes a prostate to become enlarged.

An enlarged prostate, just like the colon, is another example of an internal organ that has been abused, polluted, distorted and invaded by parasites and bacteria.

The prostate is located next to the colon. If the surrounding tissues and lymph system are blocked and polluted, it prevents the prostate from flushing out the toxins. The colon and prostate have a definite relationship. By keeping your colon clean you are helping to keep your prostate clean.

This is a great start, but it is not the whole story.

Specific Culprits Cause the Prostate to Swell

The prostate is like a garbage site and has the property of collecting trash, pollutants and toxins. For some reason the metal nickel is always drawn to the prostate. Any nickel absorbed into the body goes directly to the prostate. Examining the tissue of an enlarged prostate finds nickel prevalent.

Nickel does not belong in our body! What is the effect of having the prostate loaded with nickel? Bacterial invasion! What is the effect of having bacteria invade the prostate bacteria cause the prostate to become enlarged!

Urinary tract bacteria love and need nickel and are attracted to the prostate because of nickel.

Urinary tract bacteria begin to massively reproduce causing the prostate to swell. Without nickel in the prostate, bacteria will not survive. A clue is an ammonia smell of the urine. Urine does not have an ammonia smell. Humans do not make ammonia, but bacteria do!

When urine smells of ammonia it indicates bacteria reproduction in the prostate. Why do bacteria need nickel? Urinary tract bacteria use your urea as their food. To digest it, they break the urea molecule apart into ammonia molecules and their digestive enzyme, called urease, requires nickel to do its job.

The immediate answer to start shrinking an enlarged prostate is by destroying the bacteria. The long term answer is to stop absorbing nickel into your body. Prostate problems can be gone when bacteria don’t have their meal ticket, nickel, any longer.

Silver Water Destroys Bacteria in the Prostate

To shrink an enlarged prostate you need to drink from 5 to 10 ounces daily or more to start. There is no general rule. You drink more initially and then drop down to a daily maintenance. You can feel its positive effect very quickly.

Herbal Chelator Eliminates Nickel From the Body

There are supplements that can help to eliminate nickel in the body and prostate, histindine, thioctic acid and flaxseed. Yet, we know the benefits of a product called Herbal Chelator. It chelates (draws out) not only nickel, but all metals in the body tissue. It is taken internally and externally and works immediately. It does a lot more; it improves the entire circulation by also removing plaque buildup. Apply it externally over clogged arteries in the neck, eyes or ears with impaired circulation. You feel its effect mentally and physically as it draws out metals from the head and brain thus improving vital blood flow. It is effective against calcium deposits and other afflictions caused by metals and poor circulation. Again, not drugs as a true answer, but nature’s herbs.

What is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation is used as a treatment for heavy metal poisoning, especially lead and mercury poisoning. It chelates or seeks out and binds to the heavy metal, which is then flushed out through the kidneys and urine. It has the potential of enhancing the entire circulatory system by cleansing all the vessels and organs in your body. It can reverse vascular disease, in the heart, brain, eyes, kidneys, legs and all over. It can produce wonderful results for other chronic illnesses. Chelation helps heart and circulation problems by getting out the plaque buildup, metals, and calcium deposits in the arteries. The therapy is expensive, takes many visits, with a session lasting hours, and can cost thousands of dollars.

Introducing Herbal Chelator

Herbal Chelator is a natural, low cost, herbal tincture made with pure grain alcohol and herbs, and able to get out the heavy metals. You feel its effect almost immediately. You drink it and apply it topically. It targets the entire body, including circulation problems, the brain and head, and diseases like arteriosclerosis and Alzheimer s. Rub it externally over clogged arteries in the neck, eyes or ears with impaired circulation. You feel its effect mentally and physically as it removes heavy metals from the head and brain, thus improving vital blood flow. It is also effective against calcium deposits in the body, and many other afflictions and diseases (arthritis, chronic fatigue, candida). Studies have shown that people who are prone to strokes often have poor blood cerebral circulation.

Many pains are often eliminated upon removing metals. Neck pain, stiffness, crunching is often metal deposits in the joints. Other afflictions that are caused by bacteria also begin to disappear. Bacteria are attracted to metal and will die off upon eliminating metal. The metal from dentalware and fillings will still continue to seep, but at least you can begin to eliminate the enormous accumulation over the years. Ideally it is best to remove metal from the mouth.

Upon taking Herbal Chelator, you feel its effect right away, but it can take weeks, months or more depending upon the severity of your heavy metal accumulation. Use regularly until circulation improves, afflictions and deficiencies begin to diminish or are gone. Suggested dose is 10 to 40 drops three times a day, and rub it externally over clogged arteries in the neck, eyes or ears.

Keeping Nickel Out Permanently

The bad news is that nickel is everywhere, the good news is you can make easy changes to avoid absorbing nickel. However, long term, you must make a major change to eliminate the primary source of nickel pollution. Pots, pans and utensils all contain nickel. We absorb nickel regularly, minute as it may be, it accumulates over time. Stainless steel is 8% nickel. Does it really come off? Absolutely! A knife in mayonnaise is stained in a few minutes. Mayonnaise reacts with metal to loosen nickel and a film comes off and you eat it. This alone gives bacteria thir daily supply of nickel.

Most will not switch to wood or plastic or stop using metal pots and utensils. But by knowing the problem you can make simple changes; use plastic for butter, cream cheese, mayonnaise, spreads, dressings, etc.; don’t use produce wrapped in metal foil.

Are you wearing metal jewelry? Metal watches, eyeglasses, rings, chains, bracelets can be changed or removed. Why? Nickel is fat soluble and stored in the skin fat temporarily when a surge enters the body. Skin oils can be loaded with nickel causing allergies in the skin, and nickel is transported into the body.

The Primary Source of Nickel is Dentalware!

If you have a serious prostate problem, you should know that the major source of nickel is from metal dentalware. Nickel is in fillings, bridges, crowns, caps, etc.

Fillings can be replaced with plastic or composites. This may seem drastic, but that is the cause of the problem and it is up to you to decide how to act upon it.