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Here are some comments from some of our customers:


Eva from Brooklyn did a liver flush with SuperPhos 30 and passed over 100 stones! She “feels so much better, not only physically, but also emotionally.”

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Maribelmaribel-parasiteMaribel passed this parasite after zapping with the Auto Zap and doing a liver flush. She also uses the Colon Pills and Colon Cleanse.

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Deadbolt the dog“I can’t thank you enough for saving my best buddy, Deadbolt! In July 2005 he was diagnosed with a perineal hernia. Only three vets in El Paso, Texas knew how to perform the surgery. My 6-year-old Rottweiler had surgery on 8-24-05. I was told he wouldn’t live 6 months. I had to give him Metamucil twice a day and an enema once a week. By chance I received a free sample of your colon pills. I called and talked to a very understanding man named Tony; he told me I could give these pills to my dog. It is now 18 months later, Deadbolt is doing great, he has had no enemas for 16 months and he has no problem going to the bathroom! I can’t thank you enough for saving my best buddy. I just received my latest order yesterday. My beloved Deadbolt and I can’t thank you enough. Thanks for you and your product.”

Linda Allen
El Paso, TX


Priscilla“I strive to maintain a perfect sense of well being and great health. I started surfing the web for herbal products to get rid of eye floaters and improve eye vision, not knowing if such products existed. That’s when I arrived at “The Breath of Life” website. Just the name of the website itself gave me a sense of inner knowing that I would find exactly what my body needed to help itself naturally. I immediately felt a sense of connection with Tony in his knowledge and recommendations. I ordered the See Again pills, Colon Pills and the Miracle II Soap. First I took the Colon Pills for 10 days. I am using the soap to brush my teeth, noticing my teeth are brighter and my smile is more youthful. I am bathing nightly with the Miracle II Soap. It has made my skin is so dewy soft and has cleared up my complexion beautifully. It brings a sense of calmness that for the first time in many years I able to sleep soundly and wake refreshed and rejuvenated, whereas before I only slept about 3 hrs. a night. My friends and family are asking me what I am doing as I appear to be losing weight and I have a healthy glow about me. My response is “The Colon Pills detoxifying inside. Outside the Miracle II Soap and See Again.” Since taking these products I feel radiance, vitality, rejuvenation and energy. I love this stuff! It is true — “Ask and ye shall receive.”

Priscilla F.
San Antonio, TX


“Tony, as always, your service is tops. I deal with many companies on the Internet but none can compare with yours in service and fast shipping. You really care for your customers.”

E.R. Faxas


Colon Pills and Colon Cleanse

“I have to say that I always suffered from constipation and about a year ago I started using Jim’s Colon Pills, Colon Cleanse, and Ultrazyme Plus, and I have to say that I am in love. I have never tried a product that worked so well. Thank you!”

New York

“I am a very busy mom of four who had an onset of ulcerative colitis when I was pregnant with our third child. I was losing blood faster than I could make it. On top of being pregnant and deathly ill, literally, I had to stop the bleeding. I took prednisone, infliximab treatments (strong anti-inflammatory medication that goes in the IV), had three blood transfusions and took other medications to offset the original meds. Nothing was working to keep me from bleeding! When I was pregnant with our fourth child I found out about Jim’s Colon Pills and Cleanse. After two weeks my colitis stopped bleeding, I was able to eat food without hurting, and I was not constipated or running for the bathroom. Since then, our fourth baby has been born and I have only had one flare-up that lasted less than one week! Before, it lasted for months at a time. As long as I eat well and stay on the Colon Pills and Cleanse, I can have a normal life.”

Sasha C.

“I used the Colon Pills samples and the same day I saw results. I am a constipated nursing mother and as a result, have a constipated baby. I used to go once every couple days. After I took the sample Colon Pills I went three times that day and my baby went twice. Today I already went three times and my baby twice… and it’s only 2 pm! My baby’s bowel movement was like chunks of rocks! God knows what else we have in there and how long it’s been in there. I’m not worried though, because I know it’s not going to be in there for long! I feel great!”

Nohemi R.

“Thank you for giving us information without being under pressure to always buy. You have shown that you are sincere and honest about your products for our health, and I would love to be a regular customer and recommend people I know to your site to order your products because you are concerned about your products working for us and to see how we feel after we have tried your product with no obligation. Keep up the good work.”

Keima S.
New York


Liver Flush

“I followed your instructions on the liver flush and was amazed at what came out. I had over 300 green pea-like stones that came out. I feel much better after the flush.”

Joseph C.

“I had been having gall stone pain for three months. No more! After one use the pain is gone!”



Silver Water

“Hello friends, I have been spreading the word about your products in Lafayette, Louisiana. With the help of your products I shrunk my prostate to normal size. My doctor was amazed and wanted more information. I just happened to have all of the paper work on your products with me to give to him. He could not wait to read it. Also a friend was going to have surgery to have his gallbladder taken out due to stones. I talked him into trying the liver flush and now he does not have to have surgery, saving thousands of dollars and he has never felt better.”

Albert Delahoussaye
Lafayette, LA

“I had a bad case of athletes foot; I tried all kinds of medication but nothing worked. I started drinking one oz. of Silver Water daily and put the Silver Water Gel between my toes. Within two days the athletes foot was gone.”

George S.
New York

“Thank you so much for the Silver Water Gel. I just wanted to let you know how much of a difference I have seen in my skin tone and color. This stuff is the best! It doesn’t dry out my face like other products I have used but it keeps the oil away and that is amazing for me.”

Lisa D.


Ultrazyme Plus

“I just wanted to thank you so much for your information on Ultrazyme Plus. I ran out of them for a few days and almost immediately felt entirely different. I feel all bloating and actual pain in my stomach. I was also unable to sleep at night. When I took them, all my menopause symptoms were gone. For the first time in months I had absolutely no hot flashes. I could actually feel them working. I have tried others and by far these are the best.”

Diane W.


Herbal Chelator

“I am so excited to tell you what the Herbal Chelator has done for me! I was having so much pain throughout my body, I was really suffering. Within just 24 hours of starting the Herbal Chelator my pain was reduced considerably. Each day I take it the pain lessens and I’m thrilled. I was afraid I was doomed to this pain for life, but now I know I will soon be free of it. Your products are truly life changing!”

Connie K.


Oregano Oil

“I would like to share a wonderful experience that I have unexpectedly enjoyed with a couple of your products. On my first order, I ordered Silver Water, Silver Water Gel, Oregano Oil, Colon Cleanse and Jim’s Colon Pills. I was initially drawn to your company because of the great prices and the Colon Cleanse. The Oregano Oil sounded like a good idea for your teeth and gums, but after reading a little more information on your website I decided I would try to see how it would work in eliminating a dark colored spot that appeared on my face several years ago. I had been concerned that I may have to see a dermatologist to treat the spot as I thought there was a possibility it was pre-cancerous. After many trials and errors with fading creams and other gimmicks I had almost given up. I started applying the Oregano Oil to the spot by putting a couple drops on a Q-tip and applying directly to the spot. After a couple of nights I got a little over zealous and applied the oil to a larger oil. The next day, my face felt like it was burnt on the area surrounding the spot. Luckily, I had also purchased some of your Silver Water Gel. How wonderful this product is, I do not even know how to explain. To make a long story short, after only a few days my face is healed and the spot has vanished. I would like to recommend that anyone reading this should pay attention to the instructions because you may want to include the olive oil to relieve the immediate burning feeling you may experience.”

Timothy C.


Miracle Soap and Neutralizer

“Wow! I am so glad I decided to take these products and yes, wow!, what a difference. I see the difference in the energy level you testified about and the skin is looking just wonderful with the Soap and Neutralizer. I am going to buy a spray bottle this week to spray the Neutralizer on the skin after showering. Blemishes are disappearing. The dark and scaley elbows are going away. Thank you so very much.”


“You graciously sent me a free Miracle II soap sample and now I’m addicted to your Miracle II moisturizing soap! As a make-up brush cleaner it’s almost UNBELIEVABLE! I had one particular brush that I hadn’t cleaned in about 5 years. (Gross…I know.) But I was afraid that it would fall apart if I cleaned it and it’s no longer available for sale. I have always cleaned all of my other brushes with baby shampoo (I use about 10 different brushes – I really like make-up) and I truly thought they were clean. OMG! The Miracle II soap brought them back to BRAND NEW condition and such an OBVIOUS improvement from how clean I thought they were with the baby shampoo! So I bit the bullet and used it on my favorite brush. It took 5 scrubbings, but I could tell by the water that was coming out of the brush that it was the cleanest it had ever been. I kept washing until the water ran clear. The brush was LIKE NEW and I SWEAR that perhaps that filthy ol’ brush could have played a part in my skin problems, too… just that I had all those years of make-up built up on it.

Also, I tried the Silver Water and the neutralizer and couldn’t really tell if either of them were doing anything for me. But then I ran out. And that’s when I could tell the difference in my… everything. My mood, my complexion, and even to some extent my appitite. Even if it was all in my mind I will not go without it again. Can’t wait to get my order. I placed a big one.

Oh Gosh! I almost forgot! I also LOVE your moisturing LOTION! Okay, one more story… every time my husband needs lotion he asks me for one that doen’t smell “flowery” and the only one he would ever use is eucerin and in my opinion that stuff stinks in it’s own way. When I got yours as part of my last order I used it and loved it and realized that it has absolutely no smell at all…nothing…zero. So I showed it to my husband and now I’m afraid I’m going to have to replace mine because I believe he has stolen it.

I can’t thank you enough for being there with these products. I am getting more and more hooked every time I place another order. Thanks, thanks, thanks!”

Joni V.