Mullzyme 90 capsulesMullzyme Mucus Dissolver

Jim Foley’s Colon Pills help digest mucus, but a mucus dissolver can expedite removal of this hardened mucus lining. Digesting the mucus that is lining the colon walls takes time. Avoid the most mucus-producing foods, milk products, especially ice cream and yogurt. Mucus that comes out looks like mucus. For maintenance, it is advisable and recommended to take 1 Mullzyme daily to help keep the colon walls free of mucus buildup.

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Mullzyme — Cleaning the Small Intestine

Jim Foley’s colon pills help to digest mucus, but a mucus dissolver can speed up and expedite removal of this hardened mucus lining. Most mucus digesters require a prescription from a health professional, including a chiropractor. We have found an effective mucus digester called Mullzyme, which does not require a prescription.

Mullzyme is an herb from the snapdragon family. Nutritionally, it has been used to help soothe mucous membranes and acts as an expectorant (breaks down mucous) along the respiratory tract and digestive tract. It also has strong anti-inflammatory activities. Mullein works better when combined with enzymes like pepsin, the main enzyme of gastric juices; bromelain from pineapples, which reduces inflammation and breaks down proteins; and pectin from citrus peel and apples. When combined with bromelain, pectin helps digest carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Mullzyme provides 200 mg of mullein; 210 mg pepsin; 50mg bromeliad; and 100 mg pectin.

You take one or two capsules a day. This natural herbal pill does one thing it digests hardened mucus layers lining the intestinal walls. It will take time, but each day little by little of the mucus is digested.