See Again

See AgainEye and vision problems can often be corrected and healed by addressing the true cause. Vision loss, floaters, cataracts, macular degeneration, fatty growth, blood spots, inflamed eyes, glaucoma, cysts and staph infections can often miraculously heal and disappear. Upon eliminating a flood of mucus, fungus, toxins and microscopic foreign substances from the eyes wonderful things happen. Many know the wonders of Jim Foley’s Colon Pills and Cleanser and Jim has another wonder formula to cleanse the eyes.

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See Again is a 100% pure herbal formula that cleanses and draws out mucus and toxins from the eyes and strengthens the nerves. Many have used it miraculously to regain lost vision and heal eye problems. Users report clear, improved vision; floaters, staph infection, cloudy or blurred vision gone; brighter eyes; cataracts disappear; fatty growth, blood spots gone; inflamed eyes improve, glaucoma gone, cyst reduced.

Eye and Vision Problems

As we get older a host of eye-related problems plague us. Estimates are that 25 percent of Americans age 60 or older have serious eye problems, from impaired vision, cataracts (surgery is common), to muscular degeneration, the most common cause of loss of vision. Eye problems are a terrifying threat to health, independence and enjoyment of life. Very few know how to protect their vision and save the eyes. There is an answer.

As always, true healing comes about by eliminating foreign substances from the body. Just as the colon, liver, and prostrate are polluted, so are the eyes. Eyes are like an island in a sea of mucus, fungus, toxins and foreign substances. The answer addresses the underlying cause of most eye problems, a nontoxic, nonsurgical, nonlaser, natural way to improve vision and heal many eye problems by cleansing eyes from toxic pollutants fungus and a flood of mucus.

How could eyes get in such condition? Once again, the causes is a toxic pollinated colon causing autointoxication throughout the body. Toxins in the bloodstream invade organs, including the eyes. And once again, a liver obstructed with stones is unable to detoxify properly, allowing chemicals and toxins to roam all over. A clean colon and liver automatically improve eye problems. So many have improved their vision and diminished eye problems by cleaning the colon. Colon cleansing is essential before addressing the eyes directly (Jim’s Colon Pills and Cleanse.) The cleaner the colon, the clearer the eyes. You do not want to use the eyes as an elimination organ for all the trash in the body. A toxic colon has negative effects on your vision. After you clean your colon and have regular bowel movements, you are ready to start eliminating all existing pollutants and mucus from your eyes.

Dr. John Christopher, a master herbalist created an herbal eyewash that was used successfully to cure many serious eye problems, vision, floaters, cataracts, glaucoma and infections. A blind person was able to see traces of light for the first time, another had vision return to 20/20, hundreds had their vision saved or improved. Dr. Christopher encourages students to create even more effective herbal formulas.

Joseph Eli created the See Again formula that proved even better, quicker and easier to use and did not burn the eyes.

Master herbalist Joseph Eli, what herbs are in See Again?

Eli: It contains 8 herbs: eye bright, rue, sweet fennel, yellow root, chamomile, raspberry leaf, candleberry, blue vervian.

How do you take it for best results?

Eli: Take two capsules in the morning and at night. It is even more effective if you also make it into an eyewash. Pour the contents of one capsules into 1/2 cup or more of boiling water. Let it cool and strain. Use an eye dropper. Put 3 to 4 drops in the closed corner of the eyes (near nose). Then open the eyelids, rotate the eye, blink a little.

What reaction do most experience?

Eli: Eyes may burn a little and really tear. In the morning they may be glued shut with mucus. This is a good sign. You want mucus to come out. The eye is like an island in a sea of mucus. The herbs help remove mucus and other toxins.

Has See Again helped you?

Eli: I am over 80 and I can still drive without glasses.

How long does it take to see results?

Eli: Often one to two months if you uses both internally and externally. Some may see results sooner. Difficult cases take far longer, perhaps six months to a year to really see results. Every cases is different. From the English book on herbs, Elixirs of Life, on the herb rue (herb of grace), it is said to bestow second sight and it certainly preserves ordinary sight by strengthening the ocular muscles.