Ionic Detox Foot Spa Kit

Ionic Detox Footspa and Array ModuleIncludes control unit and array module, power cord, 2 basins, basin liners, sea salt and instruction booklet.

The Breath of Life Foot Spa is our entry-level standard setting Detox system, perfect for the home user. Regulating the session is done thru the use of more or less salt in the water to achieve the correct session settings.

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What’s an Ionic Detox Foot Spa?

It is a self-contained high-tech machine water detoxification system that enables the body to heal itself. It is very user friendly and requires no special training to perform. It is a detox water foot bath which uses brass and stainless steel electrodes. It is used as a foot bath to cleanse, balance and enhance the bio-energy (the vital energy force present in the breath of bodily fluids).

This energy is the electro-magnetic force that is stored within the body and utilized by our cells. Chinese medicine refers to this energy as the “chi”. The complex energy fields permeate and realign the body’s energy field while improving oxygen levels.

While the foot bath is widely used to increase energy (both physical and mental energy), vitality, and stamina, at the same time, it purges (detoxifies) the body of toxins, chemicals, radiation, pollution, synthetics, and other foreign material trapped in the skin layers that have clogged up the body’s systems of elimination. Its internal cleansing includes parasite cleansing and liver detoxification, which results in less body fluid retention, reduced inflammation, improved memory, greater bladder control, a more balanced pH, a stronger immune system and significant pain relief, including headaches, gout and arthritis pain.

As believed in Reflexology, each foot is actually a channel, a conduit, through which your body attempts to cleanse itself of toxic wastes and heavy metals that are building up in many parts of your body. During the foot bath, you will actually see the cleansing process take place as the water interacts with a compound electric current and magnetic field structure. This body cleansing process results in the correct frequency required for cells to return to a healthy state, and to release waste that has been bonded to them over the years. This detoxification therapeutic procedure also enhances the effects of other therapies. These units are among the best detox products available.

What Are The Benefits?

In simple terms, improved micro-circulation means a healthier body. Through the use of the detox machine, you can rapidly assist in the detoxification and re-balancing of your body. It plays an important part in regulating both the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, as well as the proper excretion of waste products (toxins) out of the body. Anecdotal evidence and client testimonials report a calmer, clearer mind, better sleep patterns, improved skin condition, reduced pain and greatly increased energy levels as a result of a course of treatments.

What Does The Kit Include?


What Does the Research Say About Ionic Detox Footbaths?
Matthew Gines, MS, PN1, Nutritionist
January, 2016

Well before we get into the research, which there is not a ton of, not surprisingly, as it does work but is not a pharmaceutical with billions of dollars backing it, I want to share our own personal experience and proof to back up our claims. We have been offering ionic detox footbaths for over 13 years at our holistic wellness center. In this time, we have personally seen the benefits and have many testimonies from improved energy, mental clarity, decreased pain and inflammation, improved skin conditions, toe and foot fungus cleared up, and even blood work panel improvements. Now we would never recommend our clients anything without first experimenting on ourselves with it, whether it be a supplement or a service. I actually tested my first footbath using distilled water for heavy metals and I have included the picture below:

Lab report of my personal footbath.

Now as you can see, the lab shows the heavy metal that was tested and the amount found in the water. I also utilize ionic detox foot baths to help with relieving stress and for general cleansing maintenance to help my body out. I have effectively used a footbath detox to purge my body of anti-biotics as my body clearly was rejecting it due to the hives that appeared on my skin. Many of our regular clients have awesome testimonies as well.

What the Research Says

Now again, we know ionic detox foot baths are effective and they are not a pharmaceutical so there is not a whole lot of scientific backing. Still, there is some research to back up the efficacy of them.

Christine Adamo, Lac, oncology specialist and alumni of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine is a supporter of “true” ionic detoxes and uses them in her practice, particularly with her cancer patients to help with the side effects of chemotherapy. Christine uses pH strips before and after and does see time and time again when her patients do their footbaths after chemo treatments, they come in extremely acidic and leave alkaline.

The main point of these detoxes is to make the body’s pH more “alkaline,” but what exactly is the importance of being alkaline?

An alkaline body is crucial to a person’s health. Diseases thrive in an acidic environment. So basically, the less acidic your body is and the more alkaline, the less prone you are to contracting a disease, such as osteoporosis or cancer, according to Christine.

The Center for Disease Control reports that up to 85% of all illness are caused by toxins and pollutants in our bodies. The human body functions best when the ions are balanced at 80% negative and 20% positive. So how do we achieve this?

What we put into our body, such as the foods we consume, have either acidic or alkalizing properties. Check out the food charts for yourself here. The more of the higher alkaline foods you can incorporate into your diet the better. An ionic detox, helps to facilitate the alkalization process through the process of ionization, which removes “free radicals” from the body.

How Do Ionic Detoxes Fit Into Chinese Medicine?

Traditionally, we think of acupuncture and herbal medicine as being the main components of Chinese medicine. The ionic foot detoxes we see today are a more modern invention, but magnetism itself has been used to accompany traditional Chinese methods medicinally in China for over 2,000 years.

Acupuncturists use a variety of modern tools now a days, that weren’t invented yet back in ancient Chinese times. Tools besides the ionic detox machine, such as the electrical stimulation machine, work to accompany acupuncture. Both of these tools work with acupuncture to clear heat in the body.

Every physician has a set of tools in his/her tool bag; sometimes you have to branch out to find more tools,” Christine said.

Now the ionic detoxes are not a cure for all, it’s simply a tool to aid in detox. One must give the body what it needs to get the best results. Proper sleep, exercise, proper hydration, proper diet, quality nutrition supplements, herbs and detox all work together to give the body exactly what it needs to cleanse and repair itself.

Other scientifically measured effects of this detox, besides alkalization, are lower blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol levels, improved liver function, etc as our clients have shared their testimonies confirming this.

Is Ionic Detox Good For Anybody?

Yes! Most people can benefit from an ionic detox. It is especially good for those suffering from GI disorders, skin conditions, fungal or yeast infections and cancer. 

The ionic detox is contraindicated for those who have a pacemaker and open sores or lesions on his/her feet, those with implanted organs and pregnant or nursing mothers.

This detox is beneficial as it is very gentle and can help to relieve stress. Too much stress in the body can throw your hormones off.

More Research

The most likely process that occurs with most Ionic Foot Bath Spas is negative Hydrogen Ion Therapy which has proven to be very helpful in assisting humans in removing toxins from their bodies.
Negative Hydrogen Ions are studied extensively, especially in Japan, for their therapeutic effects as antioxidants. The following two reports can provide more information:

This process occurs when an individual places a body part in water with DC current, ideally a stainless steel array, and salt as a conductive assistance. The H20 will split and the beneficial bi-product that the body will uptake via osmosis is negative hydrogen ions (H-) which will attach themselves to any free radicals and allow the body to naturally eliminate through the normal detoxification channels – sweat, urine, stool and breathing. During the bath some cellular debris will be removed via osmosis, but most will be done through the body’s natural channels. The color of the water will change whether there is a human in the water or not partly because of the chemical reaction from the water with the salt and stainless steel arrays themselves. However, we have done this experiment for ourselves and at the request of some skeptical clients and the water will not look as thick, foamy and mucky as when a pair of feet are in the bucket. The color will depend upon the region, minerals, chlorination and other factors. Often times, we have a room full of people doing footbaths at the same time and the waters will look different.

Research conducted by Doctor Sanjay Chaudhuri confirmed that an ionic detox did in fact reduce harmful heavy metal levels as well as reduce acidity and compared red blood cells under a microscope to prove the efficacy of the footbaths. Dr. Chaudhuri showed a cloudiness in the red blood cells before the footbath which he explains is the presence of toxins and the after photos showed no cloudiness present.

Dr. Chaudhuri's research photos

So what we have learned here is to keep an open mind. Do the research, be open to trying things out and see what it can do for you. Just because there isn’t a ton of research on something doesn’t mean it won’t necessarily work. The ionic foot bath has been a useful tool for us and our clients for over a decade and we are confident it can help you and your loved ones as well.