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How To Shrink an Enlarged Prostate, Eliminate Prostate Problems and Maintain a Healthy Prostate

The Prostate is where men derive vitality, creative energy and sexual drive.

Many men pay little attention or know much about the prostate gland.  We become aware of it when we start having problems such as painful or incomplete urination, declining energy level, poor and irregular urine flow, incontinence, erection difficulty and decreased sexual desire and dysfunction.  The need to urinate again and again suggests pressure on the uretha from an enlarged prostate.  We get nervous when diagnosed with an enlarged prostate or an above normal PSA and then hope it is not malignant.

Some men look for alternatives to drugs or surgery to reduce an enlarged prostate.  Many natural products are suggested that typically use pyegum, africanum, saw palmetto, nettles, panax, ginseng, zinc, pumpkin seed oil, amino acids and cranberry extract which may help to produce a reducing effect but what is not made clear is why and what they do.  Several reasons are given such as the prostate is nutrient deficient, the body does not produce enough amino acids at age 40 plus, hormonal imbalances, etc.  It all my be true but what it describes is the effect and not what is actually causing the prostate to become enlarged.

Addressing the true cause of an enlarged prostate enables you to shrink it.  It is the same underlying problem with the prostate as the colon.

An enlarged prostate is another example of an internal organ that has been abused.  Just as the colon is abused, polluted, distorted and invaded by parasites and bacteria, so is the prostate.  Doctors, as usual, prescribe drugs or suggest surgery but still do not tell you why it is enlarged.  One would think that after treating enough prostates, colons and tumors, medicine might offer us a clue.  A prostate gets enlarged for the same reason the colon becomes deformed.  It becomes invaded by foreign substances, toxins, metals, chemicals, pollutants and living parasites and bacteria.  The prostate is located next to the colon and actually touches the colon.  If the surrounding tissues and lymph system are blocked and polluted, it prevents the prostate from flushing out its toxins.  The colon and the prostate have a definite relationship.  So by keeping your colon clean, you are helping to keep your prostate clean.  This is a great start but it is not the whole story.

There are specific culprits that cause the prostate to swell.

The prostate is like a garbage site and collects trash, pollutants and toxins.  For some reason, the metal nickel is always drawn to the prostate.  Any nickel absorbed into the body goes directly to the prostate.  An examination of the tissue of an enlarged prostate finds the metal nickel prevalent.  The metal nickel does not belong in our body!

What is the effect of having the prostate loaded with nickel?  Bacterial invasion!  What is the effect of having bacteria invade the prostate? Bacteria causes the prostate to become enlarged!

Urinary Tract bacteria love and need nickel and are attracted to the prostate because of nickel.

Urinary tract bacteria begin to massively reproduce causing the prostate gland to swell.  Without nickel in the prostate, bacteria will not survive.  A clue is an ammonia smell of the urine.  We humans do not make ammonia but bacteria do!  When your urine smells of ammonia, it indicates bacteria reproduction in the prostate.  Why do bacteria need nickel?  Urinary tract bacteria use your urea as their food.  To digest it, they break the urea molecule apart into ammonia molecules and their digestive enzyme, called urease, requires nickel to do its job.

The immediate answer to start shrinking an enlarged prostate is by destroying the bacteria.  The long term answer is to avoid absorbing nickel into your body.  Prostate problems can be gone when bacteria do not have their meal ticket, nickel, any longer.

There is a natural highly effective way to eliminate nickel in the body but then it is up to you to stop inputting nickel.

There is a safe, natural, non-drug, non-toxic product that will destroy the bacteria in the prostate and also throughout the rest of the body!  It is nothing short of a miracle product.  Some may have heard of it but may not really be familiar with its truly miraculous health benefits.  A truly effective colloid called silver water.

You drink it like water, it tastes like water, but it is the colloidal silver particles that destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, molds and single cell parasites.  You should know that before chemical antibiotics, silver colloids were used for 100 years.  It  is well documented, published in medical journals and proven over and over again.  Unlike antibiotics, it has no known side effects.  Lab tests have proven that every known destructive bacteria, virus and fungus are killed in minutes of contact with silver colloids. Why don’t we know about it?  The usual and obvious  reason – the pharmaceutical drug market.

Any colloidal silver in health food stores simply does not work.  They are usually made incorrectly and cannot be made chemically.  It requires an exact procedure to make silver colloids effective.  Unless processed in the most stringent, precise, non-chemical procedure, silver colloids are ineffective.

I have researched it thoroughly and use a product called Silver Water.  I know the manufacturer and product for over five years and know the results.  Silver Water has advanced the state of the art with new standards for quality and maximum saturation for permanent electrical suspension in pure water.  It is one of the safest and most beneficial products you can put in and on your body.

One bottle of Silver Water contains 32 fluid ounces.  For daily maintenance, you need only one ounce, gargle and drink.  This will destroy invaders on a daily basis.

To shrink an enlarged prostate, you need to drink more, from 5 to 10 ounces daily or more to start.  There is no general rule.  You drink more initially and then drop down to a daily maintenance.  You will feel its positive effect very quickly.

Eliminate nickel from the body and keep it out permanently.

Knowing the metal nickel in the prostate is the problem, you have to act upon it. The bad news is nickel is everywhere. The good news is you can make easy changes to avoid absorbing nickel. However, long term you must make a major change to eliminate the primary source of nickel pollution. Pots, pans and utensils all contain nickel. We absorb nickel regularly and minute as it may be, it accumulates over time. Stainless steel is 8% nickel. Does it really come off? Absolutely! A knife in mayonnaise is stained in a few minutes. Mayonnaise reacts with metal to loosen nickel, a film comes off and you eat it. Put the knife in your mouth and you can actually taste metal. This alone gives bacteria their daily supply of nickel.Most of us will not switch to wood or plastic or stop using metal pots and utensils. However, by knowing the problem, you can make simple changes. Use plastic for butter, cream cheese, mayonnaise, spreads, salad dressings, etc. Do not buy produce wrapped in metal foil.

Are you wearing metal jewelry? Metal watches, eyeglasses, rings, chains and bracelets can be changed or removed. Why? Nickel is fat soluble and stored in the skin fat temporarily when a surge enters the body. Skin oils can be loaded with nickel causing allergies in the skin and nickel is transported into the body.

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