Oregano OilOregano Oil

A Powerful, Natural Antiseptic, Penetrant and Bacteria Killer

It burns, so use carefully. Use it daily. It is powerful and potent, destroys all kinds of bacteria and penetrates under the gums and into dental crevices. Put one drop on your fingertip or plastic spoon and dip wet toothbrush. Avoid lips and tongue. Brush gums, teeth and around fillings and wherever you have dental work. It burns, but you get used to it. And, you can feel its effect of eliminating bacteria infection. Taken internally, it will devestate microbes; put 3 drops into an empty capsule, rinse capsule, swallow and then eat some bread. Best to start with one drop to determine your reaction.

Colloidal Silver is a powerful way to kill bacteria in the body and mouth. Brushing your gums and teeth with Oregano Oil penetrates even deeper under the gums and into the dental crevices that are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. Crevices in dental work always invite bacteria. Oregano Oil is a powerful, natural penetrant, antiseptic and bacterial killer (compare that to chemical antibiotics).

Oregano Oil kills viruses, bacteria and fungus. It can be taken internally but one must exercise caution — it is extremely hot! Use a new toothbrush. Pour one drop of oregano oil in a plastic spoon or on your fingertip. Dip a wet toothbrush into it. Brush all around the gums and dental crevices. Avoid tongue and lips. CAUTION — it is extremely hot and may burn your tongue. Brush daily — after regular usage you get used to it and it burns less.

It is so potent, you feel its effect almost immediately. It can be used externally on skin problems, but will burn so rub on some olive oil. Internally, only take it in a capsule. It will kill lots of microbes. Put three drops in a capsule, swallow and eat some bread.

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