Pro Em-1 Liquid Probiotic

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 Pro Em-1 Probiotic Cleanse (16 fl. oz.)

Digestive Health is key to wellness and elimination of toxins. Start a gentle cleanse and detox regimen with PRO EM-1®

  • Supports a healthy regular digestive system
  • Supports weight loss
  • Improves absorption of food nutrients
  • Aids in controlling yeast that can cause yeast infections (Candida albicans)
  • Removes toxins by using three groups of synergistic naturally-occurring microbes including phototropic bacteria to remove toxins

One 16 oz. bottle of PRO EM-1 contains a 31.5-day supply.

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 Pro Em-1 Probiotic Enema Bag Combo

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 Probiotic Enema Bag Combo

Wonderful for Colon Health

A powerful blend of organic, fermented ingredients like honey, molasses and aloe make our probiotic a highly effective, yet gentle pure mix of beneficial flora to help strengthen the immune system and restore the gut. Doing an enema with our probiotic can be even more effective in restoring gut function and overall health.

Pro Em-1 Probiotic (16 oz.) & Enema Bag

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 Enema Bag

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 Enema Bag

The versatile Douche, Enema and Hot Water Bottle allows for private, at-home procedures as well as traditional heat therapy for sore joints and muscles. The hot water bottle is made with quality rubber and holds between one and 1.5 quarts of cold or hot liquid.

The kit comes with all of the accessories necessary including an adapter, tube, pipe and handy shut off valve. A strong plastic hook is also included, allowing you to hang the Douche, Enema and Hot Water Bottle nearby for easy access.

Our price: $25.76

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