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What You Need To Do the Liver Flush

3 quarts apple juice (natural, not concentrate, no sugar added)
1 cup olive oil (pure virgin)
8 to 12 oz. Classic Coke (room temp, preferable bottle)
Juice from one lemon (freshly squeezed lemon juice)
SuperPhos 30 (can be purchased from The Breath of Life)

Liver Flush Instructions
Note: Best results are obtained with a healthy clean colon and 2 to 3 normal bowel movements daily. Use Jim Foley’s Colon Pills & Colon Cleanse

DAY 1: Mix 90 drops (level teaspoon) of SuperPhos 30 in one quart of apple juice and drink.

DAY 2: Mix 90 drops (level teaspoon) of SuperPhos 30 in one quart of apple juice and drink.

DAY 3: Mix 90 drops (level teaspoon) of SuperPhos 30 in one quart of apple juice and drink.

You do not have to drink it at one time but throughout the day. Eat normally. This is not a fast. SuperPhos 30 contains orthophosphoric acid and apple juice contains pectin which helps soften stones in the gall bladder and liver. If you are diabetic or cannot tolerate so much apple juice, use one quart of distilled water per day and increase SuperPhos from 90 drops to 120 drops daily.

DAY 3 EVENING: Eat dinner. Wait minimum three hours after dinner. Now prepare and drink the following liver flush mixture.

THE LIVER FLUSH MIXTURE: Thoroughly mix juice from one squeezed lemon,  one cup of Coke Classic and one cup of pure virgin Olive Oil.

Optional: You can substitute fresh squeeze grape fruit juice instead of Coca-Cola and lemon. Mix one cup of fresh squeeze grape fruit juice to one cup olive oil it takes about 2 grape fruits to make 8.oz cup of juice. Put grape fruit juice in to a blender with 8 oz. of olive oil blend together and drink.

QUICKLY DRINK THE MIXTURE! Do not wait or the oil will settle to the bottom. You will feel very full. If you have an oily feeling on the lips or teeth, use lemon rind on them to relieve the oily feeling. The Coke is used to lessen the nauseous feeling.

IMMEDIATELY LIE DOWN after drinking the flush mixture. Lie down on your RIGHT SIDE for a half hour (30 minutes). NOT LESS! It is best to draw your knees up to your chest (fetal position) so the oil will force the gall bladder and bile duct to contract and throw off the stones. If you can’ t do this, then lay stretched out full length. Stay in either position for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, you can move around and resume normal activity and then go to sleep. It usually will take up to 8 hours for the flush to work. It is a good idea to take an herbal laxative (Jim’s Colon Pills) that evening or the next morning.

WHAT TO EXPECT: There will be considerable soft stool the first time. This will decrease and a more formed stool usually comes about the fifth time. Stones are not usually found with the first stool. Most will come out with the second stool, maybe 5 to 8 hours later. Less stones will be noticed with each additional stool. Reports range from under hundred to as many as one thousand stones being discharged. The stones will be somewhat soft and waxy green (like cooked peas). Stones have been reported to be anywhere from pea size to the size of a golf ball.

Optional: Ozonate the olive oil for 20 minutes before preparing the liver flush mixture. You need to buy a small ozonater. Ozonated olive oil kills live bacteria in the bile ducts.

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