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In the 20th century we have disturbed the natural working order of the body with the massive introduction of toxic pollutants, chemicals, solvents and the most serious – metals.  Traces of metals from so many sources continuously seep into the body.  Eventually, the body’s capacity to detoxify metals runs out and metals accumulate in body organs causing all sorts of immune problems, deficiencies and afflictions.

The white blood cells are overwhelmed by an array of metals.  Imagine the havoc in your body as it must contend with this accumulation of heavy metals.  The body needs minerals but in raw element form.  Copper from meat and vegetables is organic and essential but inorganic copper from kettles or plumbing is harmful.  Unfortunately, inorganic metals pervade our environment.  We wear metal jewelry, eat baked goods made in metal pans, use metal utensils, drink water with lead and cadmium from metal plumbing and soldered and galvanized pipes and use aluminum extensively.

The most serious metallic threat comes from dental ware.

It is metal from dental ware that continuously tarnishes, corrodes and seeps into the body.  No matter what the Dental Associations say, metals are hazardous.  We should not have pure metal in our body.  We lick on dental ware continuously – fillings, bridges, crowns, caps and root canals.  Though it is only minute traces, just imagine what a coin in water will look like 20 years later.

Amalgams contain mercury.  The extreme toxicity of mercury is well known.  Nickel, chromium and cadmium compounds are used in bridges.  Cadmium is even more toxic than lead and strongly linked to high blood pressure.  The carcinogenic action of metals is known yet is totally ignored.

Metals lower immunity and even worse it attracts harmful bacteria, yeast, candida and fungus that thrive on metal.  An enlarged prostate is caused by nickel accumulation that attracts urinary tract bacteria.  So many afflictions, deficiencies and health disorders are directly or indirectly related to metals in the body such as sinus, ear ringing, enlarged neck glands, migraines, enlarged spleen, dizziness, aching, tinnitus, TJMJ, arthritis and neck, leg, foot and back pain – even heart attacks!

Chelation Therapy

Chelation is a treatment for heavy metal poisoning, especially lead and mercury.  It chelates or draws out heavy metals which are then flushed out through the bladder, kidneys and urine.  It has the potential of enhancing the entire circulatory system by cleansing blood vessels and organs.  It can reverse vascular disease in the heart, brain, eyes, kidneys, legs and produce wonderful results for many chronic illnesses.

Chelation improves circulation, helps the heart and all around health with cleaner unobstructed arteries.  It removes plaque buildup, metals and calcium deposits in the arteries.  Chelation therapy is expensive, costing thousands, with many visits necessary, each lasting hours.

Natural Herbal Chelator

Herbal Chelator is a natural herbal tincture made with pure grain alcohol and herbs that is able to draw out metals.  You drink it and apply it topically.  It targets the entire body, including circulation problems, and the prostate, brain and head.  Rub it externally over clogged arteries in the neck, eyes or ears with impaired circulation.  You can feel its effect mentally and physically as it removes heavy metals from the head and brain thus improving vital blood flow.  It is also effective against calcium deposits and many other afflictions and diseases.

Many unexplained pains are often gone upon removing metals. Neck and back pain, joints, muscles, arthritis, stiffness and crunching are often caused by metal deposits and bacteria.  Bacteria and fungus will often die off once their metal meal ticket is gone.  Ideally, all metal should be removed from the teeth but you can start to eliminate the enormous amount that has accumulated over the years.

With Herbal Chelator you can feel its effect right away but it can take weeks, months or more, depending upon the severity of the metal accumulation.  Apply it topically to pain areas and pain often vanishes as metals are drawn out.  Use it regularly until circulation improves and afflictions and deficiencies begin to diminish or are gone.  The suggested internal dose is 10 to 40 drops, which can be mixed with water, 2 to 3 times a day.

A Priceless Health Tip

This is one of the most valuable health truths you will ever learn. Hundreds of medical professionals agree yet it is still totally ignored. Removing metal from your mouth results in benefits beyond the prostate. Metal in your mouth is like sucking on a metal lollipop day and night.

No matter what dental associations say, metals corrode and tarnish and the enzymes continuously seep into the body organs. The metal remains in the body when detoxifying capacity has simply run out. It is well known that metals in the body organs lowers immunity.

The age old mystery of magnets is not a mystery. The reason magnets have therapeutic benefits is because magnetic attraction draws out metals from the body tissue and cells. It is that simple though few know this and instead come up with a host of explanations.

It is something everyone should consider correcting but do not talk to dentists who still believe or will not admit, for obvious reasons, that metal and mercury amalgams are hazardous to health.

The typical dentist does not know how to correctly remove metal from the mouth. Look for alternative dentists such as biological dentists, metal-free dentists or Huggins dentists. They have perfected procedures to ensure metal leaves the body and does not get lodged in your tissues.

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