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Why Healing the Gut Will Regain Health- A Look into Probiotics

The probiotic age or as some are calling it the “Microbiome Revolution”  is becoming more and more prevalent as scientists are discovering just how powerful the bacteria in our gut and colon are at determining our health and mental status. Those little one-celled organisms out number human cells 10 to 1 in our bodies.

The road to healing truly runs through the gut. When we eat to heal the gut, and we make some gut-friendly lifestyle and stress reduction adjustments, we can address virtually all of our health issues, including weight loss.

Scientists have known for a long time now of the brain-gut connection, but are now seeing evidence that the bacterial environment plays a much more important role in overall health. When we eat to nurture the “friendly” bacteria in our gut, we are paving the way for good health. A diet of mostly “color-coded” veggies and fruits, meaning colorful fiber-rich foods, lean proteins, a limited amount of whole, non-processed grains and non-inflammatory fats and oils helps to feed and nurture the “friendly” bacteria in our bodies. We feed them what they crave and the by product they give us are nourishing vitamins like B12, biotin and vitamin K which protect our colon. Adding fermented foods like organic sauerkraut, pickles, kombucha, kefir and yogurt also help our “friendly” bacteria grow and flourish.

Supplementing with a high-quality probiotic supplement can go a long way too. Just like our food, source of our supplements is key to their efficacy. Be certain it says it contains “live strains” of probiotics or cultures. Look for terms like “raw, organic, lacto-fermented” to ensure high quality. Probiotics are commonly associated with improved digestion, but there is much more. Beneficial bacteria is not only essential for digesting food and assimilating nutrients, it’s also responsible for mood support, cardiovascular health, and a powerful immune system.

There is still much to be learned about just how probiotics do what they do for us, but the future for health break-throughs involving gut flora are very promising indeed!

For more on probiotics and the role they play in our health, meet from our holistic nutritionist: Matt Gines, Nutrition Counselor

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