What Every One Should Know, True Health is No Mystery!


There is Just One  Underlying Cause of All Health Problems!

We have brought health disorders and disease upon ourselves by POISONING our BODIES. In the 20th century we have introduced massive amounts of pollutants, chemicals, toxins, dyes, solvents, metals and unnatural, foreign substances into our food, beverage, medicines, body products, dental ware and cleansing agents. Over time, it accumulates in the body and invites bacteria, parasites, molds and fungi that thrive in this environment.
The human immune system was simply not equipped for the on slaughter that has altered the body’s natural working order and chemistry resulting in our health being jeopardize. To undo the poisoning of our body’s these steeps are vital to true health.
1) Bowel Movements: with out 2 or 3 a day , the body becomes poisoned (autointoxication) by the retention of rotted decaying, fermented, parasites-infested fecal matter.
2) Weight Loss: Lose 10 to 35 lbs. upon eliminating decaying fecal matter accumulated in the colon for years.
3) Pot Belly: Many organs, including the stomach, can revert to there correct position upon eliminating weighted trash from the transverse colon that is now drooping and sagging.
4) Appetite diminishes, Obesity Ends: when your food processing system works properly, nutrients nourish the body, endless appetite/ junk food cravings disappear and you’re repulsed by processed, chemical, supermarket “food.”
5) Liver Flush, Bile: flush the liver clean of stones so it can produce enough bile and do its major job of detoxification to improve overall health and protection against illness.
6) Cholesterol Levels Drop: by eliminating stones from the liver bile ducts. Cholesterol is stuck in the bile ducts because of stones and much less bile is produced.
7) Skin Problems: clear up and heal, not with  dermatological chemicals, but by addressing and cleansing the liver and colon and eliminating, trash from our body tissues and organs.
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