Alphabiotics Provide Stress Release

There are two major types of stress:

SIMPLE STRESS:  most people think that stress is bad but in its pure form stress protects us. Simple stress is obvious and has a definite beginning and ending. It is our fight or flight response, the analogy here is putting a frog in a kettle of boiling water. He’ll jump out immediately! We are well equipped to handle this type of stress.

COMPLEX STRESS: is more subtle and can be very damaging to us. It is not always noticeable at first. When we get into a state of on-going low level stress our energy that maintains balance and homeostasis gets diverted and we become outwardly reactive. You put the frog in a kettle of cool water and slowly heat it up. He doesn’t notice it and finally boils to death. Most Americans are slowly boiling to death!          

Worry, problem at work or home, poor nutrition, etc. These are the things that are more common to the modern man.  WE are not equipped to handle it. It’s only when we stay in this on-going stress state that it becomes inappropriate and chronic health problems begin to develop.

Alphabioticists take you out of an inappropriate stress state and reconnect you to your body’s inner wisdom. They do NOT heal, treat or cure; diagnose or prescribe; manipulate or adjust your spine.


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  1. Love the blog

    • Deon
    • March 3, 2012

    Useful information and facts! I have been hunting for everything like that for quite a while now. Excellent!

  2. Prevention is better than cure.

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