Ionic Detox Footspa Kit

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 Ionic Detox Foot Spa Kit

Includes control unit and array module, power cord, 2 basins, basin liners, sea salt and instruction booklet.

The Breath of Life Foot Spa is our entry-level standard setting Detox system, perfect for the home user. Regulating the session is done thru the use of more or less salt in the water to achieve the correct session settings.

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Year End Special! Price good til Dec. 31, 2017
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Array Module for Ionic Detox Footspa  Array Module

For use with The Breath of Life Foot Spa. Made of brass and stainless steel. Lasts for approximately 250 foot baths.

Our price: $135


Ionic Footbath

What is an Ionic Detox Footbath?

Unless you live in a bubble, it’s highly unlikely you will avoid environmental toxins and pollutants. Everything from the air we breathe, the food we eat and everyday wear and tear as well as stress produces toxic buildup in the body. Now our bodies are truly remarkable creations capable of remarkable things like being able to detoxify itself. the problem is, our bodies as remarkable as they are cannot keep up with the toxic burden put upon it in this new day and age. We need to help it out. Now there are a number of ways to do that and we are going to cover them today, plus we will learn about the benefits of a relaxing ionic footbath.
An ionic detox footbath is an innovative way to help the body rid itself of toxic overload, relax, rejuvenate and re-boot the body’s system to enhance performance of the vital organs and immune system. let’s take a look at what’s involved during the process.

What does the process involve?

Now an ionic detox footbath may differ depending on where you go, however the basic ionic footbath starts out with clean, warm tap water. We then drop in a device called a water array which is made up of stainless steel and connected with radio wire. It is plugged into a black box called a frequency generator which creates a negative-charged ion frequency. This device is submerged into the water with your feet. Now the ion frequency is allowed to flow through the water and enter the body through the pores on your feet. This allows for the direct flow of ions to circulate the entire body. The ions behave like magnets to toxins in the entire body pulling them out of the body, through the pores on your feet and into the water. You will start to see debris and colors coming out into the water. These are toxins being pulled from the different organs such as yeast, toxins in the joints, kidneys, liver, lungs, etc. Many of our clients report amazing testimonies from overall better energy, better sleep, decreased pain and inflammation, improved immune function and more. After 20 minutes, the frequency is increased to pull even deeper and get more toxins out in a process called “switching the pullarity.” We let that sit for another ten minutes and then we get the client into a warm rinse containing our pure-grade detoxifying Miracle II Soap

What are the benefits?

This treatment brings positive internal results which can help your body’s ability to function at its best. This may include the function of organs vital to digestion, detoxification, circulation and more.
The benefits many of our clients have experienced are but not limited to:
  • increased joint movement
  • relief from joint pain
  • better sleep
  • a better sense of well-being
  • increased vitality
  • enhanced relaxation
  • healthier feet
  • helps with weight loss

The Ionic Detox Footbath is a great way to ease your way into healthy detoxification. In fact, it is absolutely vital for one to lose weight. You have to detox first as fat cells harbor toxins. Next, you will want to eliminate processed foods and consume only real, whole-foods that not only nourish but detox the body further. Exercise daily. Even walking 30 minutes a day can help. Manage stress levels. Deep breathing with essential oils, meditation, yoga, raindrop technique, massage therapy. Utilize pure-grade supplements to enhance detoxification and support quality nutrition intake.

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