R.M.A. Liver Cleanse

Liver CleanseA Powerful Yet Mild Herbal Liver Cleanser

R.M.A. (Really Magical Affects) Herbal Liver Cleanse is a great alternative to the SuperPhos 30 Liver Flush for those of you who cannot tolerate drinking the Coca-Cola and olive oil to flush the liver.

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It will cleanse the liver of toxins, where the SuperPhos 30 flushes the liver and gallbladder of stones, virus and toxins. Your liver is a living filter. It filters the toxins and poisons out of your blood and keeps it clean. As people get older, their liver starts to harden. It gets plugged up with fats. It can’t filter the blood efficiently, so poisons start to accumulate in the blood. That’s when you get sick! A poor liver is the road to old age!

Ninety percent of people today have poor liver function and don’t know it. Liver problems can lead to: overweight, fatigue, insomnia, skin problems, vision problems, varicose veins, arthritis, back pain, and even heart problems and diabetes. People change their oil filter in their car every 3,000 miles, but when their liver — which is also a filter — gets clogged, they never cleanse or flush it. Flush or cleanse your liver today and get healthy. After a few weeks on this product, you’ll be amazed at how well your bowels move and how great you feel.

Best taken with Jim Foley’s colon products. This is a great product to take before doing Jim Foley’s See Again (herbal product for the eyes).

FAQ About R.M.A. Herbal Liver Cleanse, a Powerful Yet Mild Herbal Liver Cleanser

Q: How many capsules of R.M.A. Herbal Liver Cleanse should I take?
A: The directions on the bottle of R.M.A. Herbal Liver Cleanse say to take 2 capsules, morning/night 1 hour after meals. This means to take four capsules per day (2 in the morning 1 hour after breakfast and 2 in the evening 1 hour after eating your last food of the day).

Q: Can I take the capsules just once a day instead of twice a day?
A: If you take the capsules just once a day you will only receive the benefits of the capsules for half of the day, which will take cleansing the liver with the capsules twice as long.

Q: Can I double the recommended dose of the capsules and take it just once a day as I seem to always forget to take it at night?
A: As the formula is designed to gently stimulate the liver to dump its toxins twice a day (by taking 2 capsules twice per day) it is not recommended to take both morning and night doses at the same time. If you choose to take a double dose at one time you run the risk of taking more of the herbs than your body can comfortably handle.

Q: Can I take the capsules with food instead of an hour after I eat?
A: Taking the capsules with food reduces their effectiveness as they will be broken down in the stomach along with the food and become part of the food, which will significantly change the relationship of the herbs as the herbs have been carefully formulated to detoxify the liver by being taken 1 hour after ingesting food.

Q: Should I take R.M.A. Herbal Liver Cleanse capsules every day from now on?
A: R.M.A. Herbal Liver Cleanse capsules are not something you will want to continue taking in the manner directed on the label every day forever. The herbs in R.M.A. Herbal Liver Cleanse capsules are not like vitamins or minerals. R.M.A. Herbal Liver Cleanse capsules, taken as directed on the bottle, are best taken for 15 days and then not taken for 15 days and then taken for 15 days and on and off. This can be repeated once or twice per year to continue keeping your liver healthy.

Q: Is it okay to take Jim’s Colon Pills and Colon Cleanse at the same time that I take R.M.A. Herbal Liver Cleanse capsules?
A: Yes. It is important to clean your intestines as well as your liver. The herbs in Jim’s Colon Pills capsules and Colon Cleanse capsules are compatible with the herbs in R.M.A. Herbal Liver Cleanse capsules. The herbs in Jim’s Colon Pills and Colon Cleanse capsules will gradually flush out harmful, energy-draining fecal matter decaying inside the large colon. These harmful toxins pollute the blood and internal organs, rob the body of important nutrients, clog the intestines and contaminate the bloodstream.


Lion’s Tooth (also know as Dandelion): Dandelion benefits all functions of the liver. It clears obstructions (such as stones) and detoxifies poisons that gather in the liver, spleen and gall bladder. It will also promote healthy circulation. It has been shown to reduce cholesterol and uric acid; also is a rich source of potassium, and contains more vitamin A than carrots.

Bayberry: Deep cleansing effect on the body, especially the stomach and bowels; antibacterial, beneficial effect on the entire digestive system; beneficial use in hepatitis.

Milk Thistle: Nutritionally supports the liver’s ability to maintain normal liver function. It has shown positive effects in treating nearly every known form of liver disease, including cirrhosis, hepatitis, necroses and liver damage due to drug and alcohol abuse. Milk Thistle works due to its ability to inhibit the factors responsible for liver damage, coupled with the fact that it stimulates production of new liver cells to replace old damaged ones.

Plantia: Removes obstructions, having power to clear or open the bile ducts of the liver; also tends to draw together or constrict tissue; diuretic; an agent used to reduce fever. Has been used in inflammation of the skin, malignant ulcers and as a remedy in healing or treating wound.

Great Burr: Tonic diuretic agrimony has had a great reputation for curing jaundice and is said to be used in fevers with great success.

Mountain Grape Root: Tonic and alterative, recommended for psoriasis, syphilis and impure blood conditions. Used for indigestion and chronic mucous complaints. Also used for constipation, and it improves digestion and absorption.

Carpenter’s Weed: Diaphoretic, astringent, tonic, stimulant and mild aromatic.

Cleavers: Used for ulcers, tumors, skin eruptions, toxic conditions, tissue oedema, kidney/bladder/gravel stones/calculi.

Sand Berry: Antibacterial, antiseptic and astringent properties. Shrinks and tightens the top layers of mucous membranes, thereby reducing secretions and improving tissue firmness.

Wild Iris: Very powerful cathartic, an agent for purging the bowels.

Beet Juice: Cleansing agent for improved digestive quality; also opens obstructions of the liver and spleen.