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Revolutionary invention brings you the next frontier in all-natural light & plant therapy

After thousands of hours in the laboratory and hundreds of trials, in 1999, Master Chemist Michael Thomas, theorized that light could pick up the vibrational harmonics of botanical extracts contained in clear glass vials, and carry that vibration to the body.

The HALO Ultra Blue (Pro Edition) contains 100’s of botanical extracts and other natural substances that are beneficial to the body’s good-working order and mechanisms.

When you use the system, you will notice:

Increased Energy

Stress Reduction

Clarity of Mind & Thought

Better Mobility & Flexibility

Supports Nervous System

Pain & Inflammation Management

Supports Immune System

Each kit consists of the following:

1 HALO Systems light device

10 botanical filled vials or tubes

4 26650 Lithium Ion-Batteries

One universal battery charger

1 HALO User Manual

1 Protective Case

The system is made from medical grade
equipment intended to last for life. The
vials are designed to last for 10 years and
do not need to be refilled or replaced.

The botanical filled vials included in this kit are:

AL – Ageless Vial

BR – Breath Relief Vial

D – Detox Vial

DB – Doc In A Box Vial

NO – Nitric Oxide Vial

SL – Sleep Vial

SR – Stress Reduction Vial

ST – Stem Cell Vial

TE – Telomere Extension Vial

WS – Water Structure Vial

Halo Pro