Miracle II NeutralizerMiracle II Neutralizer

Have a healthier body and mind by removing damaging toxins in your body and neutralizing the yeast acids in your stomach. Miracle II pH Neutralizer will help your immune system be more effective in its fight against free radicals the way God originally intended. Since your body will be running more efficiently, regular use of the Neutralizer may also promote healthy weight loss.

How to Use Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer

Miracle II products can replace most of the cleaning and personal care products you use, thus eliminating contact with potentially harmful substances and helping to cleanse and balance the pH of the body. A slightly alkaline tissue pH provides an optimal environment for the body’s cellular processes, allowing for greater oxygenation, better utilization of nutrients, and greater neutralization and elimination of toxins. Cleansing and pH balance are some of the keys to optimal health, along with healthy nutrition, exercise, pure water, a healthy attitude and other important factors.


Miracle II products work best as a System: take regular baths and showers with the Soap and Neutralizer, drink the Neutralizer daily, use the soap for your showers and shampoo, brush your teeth with the Soap and Gel, use the Gel for pain and skin conditions. Even if you don’t normally take baths, try at least 3 baths in the beginning and do them as often as you can for maximum benefits.


a) Start with 1 capful (1/4 ounce) of Miracle II Soap or Miracle II Moisturizing Soap (for dry skin or hair) and 1 capful of Neutralizer in your tub while the water is running. Get the water temperature as hot as you can stand it. Submerge your body for 30-60 minutes – the longer, the better. Do this 3 times per week.
b) For additional cleansing or for people with a low (acidic) pH, use 2 capfuls (1/2 ounce) of the Miracle II Soap and 4 capfuls (1 oz.) of the Neutralizer.
c) For baby’s bath use 1/2 capful of Miracle II Soap in the water that is used to bath your baby. d) Don’t be concerned if your bathwater turns gray, black or red. This just means that your body is detoxifying. If you let your bath water sit overnight, you may find particles that have settled to the bottom of the tub indicating the soap is not only cleaning your body on the outside, but inside as well. If you prefer showers, use a quarter-size amount of soap on a washcloth. Or, if a bath or shower isn’t possible, put your feet in a tub (footbath) using a half-ounce of soap and 1 ounce of Neutralizer.

Miracle II Neutralizer:
Start at approximately 7 to 15 drops, 1-2 times daily. If your pH is low then your intake can be slowly increased to 1-2 ounces (or more), 2 times daily. It is also important to include the Soap & Neutralizer Baths.

Bathroom Soap:
Fill spray bottle with 80 – 90% water and add 10-20% Soap that best suits your needs. Or buy foaming dispenser and fill with Miracle II Soap and water.

Hair Shampoo:
a) Apply a dime size amount of Miracle II Soap to hair and rinse in tub or shower.
b) Just scrub your hair in the bathtub water without need for extra soap.
c) Use the same dilution as for showering in the spray bottle.
NOTE: If you color your hair, do not leave Soap on (immediately rinse off) to avoid taking off color.

Shaving Face or Legs:
a) Use small amount of Soap or Moisturizing Soap.
b) Use the same dilution as Showering, or buy foaming dispenser and fill with Miracle II Soap.
c) Aftershave: Use undiluted Neutralizer.

a) Use dime size amount of Miracle II Soap for dry hair.
b) Fill spray bottle with 80-90% water and add 10-20% Soap that best suits your needs. Spray on your body and hair.

a) Use one drop of Miracle II Soap to brush teeth twice daily. Option: mint oil may be added for taste.
b) Dip your floss in the Miracle II Soap before flossing.
c) Dentures: use 5 drops of Miracle II Soap to soak dentures each night.


Aches & Pains (injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, etc.):
Take Miracle Baths and use Neutralizer internally.

Breathing/Lung Problems:
Use Miracle II Neutralizer in vaporizer or spray undiluted Neutralizer in nose and down throat.

Stop Smoking:
Spray Neutralizer undiluted in your mouth every time you want to smoke. Fill 1 capsule with Miracle II Soap and take twice daily with lots of water.

Spray Miracle II Neutralizer on sunburned area as needed.

Weight Loss:
Take baths and drink up to 2 ounces Neutralizer, 2 times per day. Drink 8-12 glasses of water per day.


a) Bathe in the soap and neutralizer 3 times a week.
b) Shower with soap other days.
c) Use the soap solution to wash face (dilute 2 capfuls of Miracle II Soap in a 16 oz. spray bottle.) Rinse and spray undiluted Neutralizer. Do this morning and night. Be sure to do this for one month.

Age Spots:
Put one drop of Miracle II Soap and/or Neutralizer on each dark spot and leave it on. Do this 1-2 times a day.

a) Bathe at least 40 minutes.
b) Spray Neutralizer to problem areas.
c) Drink Neutralizer every day.

Face Lift:
a) Put 20 drops of Miracle II Soap in hand and lightly rub hands together (do not lather). Apply to face, paying special attention to problem areas (i.e. around eyes, mouth, throat, etc.). Leave on 5 – 15 minutes (I leave on while running my bath).
b) Soak in tub with 1 ounce Miracle II Soap and 2 ounces Neutralizer and remove the “face lift” by soaking or gently washing the soap off.


Use the Miracle II products in the same manner as for humans, just adjust the intake according to size and weight. You can put a few drops Neutralizer in their drinking water.


Beans and Grains:
a) Soak beans in 20 drops of regular Miracle II Soap to a gallon of water. Soak overnight (or use speed soak per package directions). Drain, do not rinse. This will help to neutralize the gas.
b) Soak rice or other grains in same solution as beans for 5 to 10 minutes, drain, do not rinse. This gives your grains a wonderful flavor.

Fruits and Vegetables:
a) Soak vegetables in solution of 20 drops Soap and 20 drops Neutralizer to a gallon of water for 5 to 10 minutes and watch your vegetables come to life. Drain but do not rinse.
b) Soak fruits using same solution above, for 20 to 30 minutes for the best tasting fruits imaginable. Drain, but do not rinse. This helps remove the chemicals and wax.

Soak same as vegetables.


a) Add ¼ oz. Miracle II Soap to your carpet cleaner’s holding tank and clean your carpets as usual. You’ll love the results.
b) For spot removing spray stain with Neutralizer then spray with Miracle II Soap solution ( ¼ oz to 16 oz bottle) then lift stain with a cloth.

a) Use ½ teaspoon Miracle II Soap in hot water for washing dishes by hand.
b) Add ½ teaspoon Miracle II Soap to dishwasher for sparkling dishes.

Use a solution of ½ Miracle II Soap and ½ water.

a) You do not need any other laundry soap, but you can add ¼ to 1 oz of Soap if desired. For stains, presoak or pre-spray with Soap as you normally do. Also, 1 cup of white vinegar can be used to whiten whites when used with the Soap.
b) To remove stains, spray stain with Neutralizer then spray with Miracle II Soap solution (¼ oz to 16oz bottle).
c) To soften and deodorize add 1 oz Neutralizer.


Watering Plants (indoor and outdoor):
Recycle your bath water and pour it on your plants, trees, flowers, vegetables, etc.

Misting Plants:
a) Fill a spray bottle with your recycled bath water and ¼ oz Neutralizer and spray it on your plants.
b) Add ¼ oz Neutralizer and ¼ oz Miracle II Soap to a 16 oz spray bottle of water. WARNING: Do NOT use soap undiluted or by itself – it can harm or kill your plants. Always add the Neutralizer.

Ingredients: Electrically engineered stabilized oxygenated water, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and lauryl glucoside.

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