Brain & Nerve CocktailBrain & Nerve Cocktail

The brain is part of the nervous system and its electrical functions can be upset. The brain, along with a great deal of nerve material in the spine, autonomic (involuntary) nervous system and the rest of the body is responsible for receiving and sending information to body parts. The brain is a body control organ with glands in it and is not mysterious. It is a nerve, message transmission center and is more liquid than even the blood. Both the brain and the nerve material in the rest of the body receive and send information and commands.

The autonomic nervous system running along each side of the spinal column functions to a great degree automatically to coordinate many organs and glands. The spinal nerves all by themselves can cause you to take your hand off a hot stove without having to think about it first. The control center of the brain (hypothalamus, pituitary and the pineal complex), when functioning properly, can greatly assist the recovery of the failing body. It should not be neglected in a nutritional program because when the glands of the brain work properly, then the brain cells, nerves and organs can work properly.

This combination of herbs provides Alfalfa to clean and feed the pituitary, Barberry for the hypothalamus, Chamomile for the pineal gland, Gotu Kola (does not contain caffeine) for the entire brain and memory, Parsley for the involuntary nervous system and Black Walnut with its cleaning and corrective electrical properties for all of the nerve tissues. It is for that reason we use the herbal combination, Parsley and Black Walnut Hulls for the autonomic nervous system; Scullcap for regeneration of all nerve tissue; Barberry and Gotu Kola for hypothalamus; Alfalfa to clean and feed.

Contrary to some “rigid opinions,” many herbalists are pleased to report that nerves and brain cells do regenerate with very satisfactory results. In cases of nerve and/or brain damage as well as just maintenance of these structures in healthy condition, the brain and nerve herbal combination should be considered.

If you don’t know what else to do, clean the blood and bowel. Clean and nourish the nervous system and repair it at the same time. The brain and nervous system function better when they are clean and nourished. You will feel better. People seldom eat any food for the purpose of a body part or parts. They eat their food with their tongue and eyes. You can be different and consciously eat something just for your brain and nerves. Brain & Nerve Cocktail can also be of assistance in getting off drugs.

COMBINATION: Alfalfa, Parsley, Chamomile, Gotu Kola, Barberry, Black Walnut.

DOSAGE: 20 to 40 drops at each meal depending on severity of case. 20 to 40 drops at each meal for maintenance. For external use, first apply Vitamin E oil, from 100 to 400 i.u. capsules, on the affected area, then use gauze or cotton soaked in the extract and place on the area. Cover with plastic wrap on top of the gauze and hold with an additional wrap overnight. If head area, then rub Vitamin E into scalp followed by one tablespoon of Brain & Nerve Cocktail on the scalp, also rub on temples, around the ears and back of the neck in quantities needed, three times per day and wear shower cap overnight. In the daytime, apply Herbal adjustment twice per day to the scalp.

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