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BHB Plus Natural Energy SupplementBHB PlusTM  Natural Energy Supplement

“If there is a “Fountain of Youth,” this is as close as I think you are going to get.” ~Biochemist, Jim Dews, Creator of BHB 

What’s in this capsule? Is it natural?

There are two key compounds and both are derived from natural foods. The outcome is a protein called tyramine, which is the ultimate food for the adrenals and the thyroid. These two glands slow down as people get older. About 93% of adults suffer from the affects of slower adrenals and thyroid glands. This slowing can lead to exhaustion, excess weight and depression. What makes the adrenals work? What makes the thyroid work?  Dews believes the answer is hormones, but didn’t want people taking hormones as it best if the glands themselves produce the hormones.  Only the body itself knows when and how to produce the exact dose.  In the creation of this product, Dew’s reasoned that if he backed up one biochemical step — the step just before the production of hormones — and gave the body that nutrient, that nutrient would be a precursor to ALL the hormones of the body, including the sex hormones. This precursor turned out to be the protein called tyramine.

While Tyramine was available for a high price for research purposes only, Dew’s  elected to create it directly from food sources. Dews believes tyramine is light years beyond algae. He believes BHB Plus will make products like DHEA and Melatonin obsolete. DHEA precursors are made from wild yam or yucca. There is no guarantee these precursors will ever turn into hormones. But we know tyramine will, Dew’s says. The first thing tyramine does is defat the liver (the first step in reversing age). Tyramine turns fat into hormones. The adrenal and the thyroid glands are the key energy-producing glands in the body, but this product works on ALL the glands. It gives the body the raw materials to produce whatever hormones it needs in the proper balance. Mr. Dews raves about BHB Plus. But you be the judge.


Each capsule provides: a-amino B-hydroxy-methyl-butyric acid (l-threonine**) 250 mg. potassium – elemental (as chloride) 50 mg. T.A.T. MetaboliteTM (Tyrosinal Adrenal Thyroid Metabolite) 50 mg. **Amino Acid considered essential for human nutrition.

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