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BHB Plus Natural Energy Supplementmore info BHB PlusTM  Natural Energy Supplement (120 capsules)

BHB is a natural energy supplement.  BHB was originally developed for individuals experiencing problems maintaining the natural function of their adrenal glands and thyroid glands although its uses continue to expand to include use as an energy supplement, to regulate night sweats, to eleviate arthritis, and more.  BHB is known as the “Ultimate Anti-Aging Supplement”.  BHB contains l-threonine which helps to “defat” the liver. It is lipotrophic, which means it acts to breakdown saturated fats (lipids) into unsaturated fats. Tyramine (T.A.T. MetaboliteTM) is the immediate precursor to the adrenal and thyroid hormones.

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BHB PlusTM  Natural Energy Supplement (120 capsules) Twin Pack

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